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Donna Features was born with projects searching for the feminine in its poetic, political and resilient dimensions.


A perspective on the feminine and a keen sense to join ends in telling a beautiful story. Inspiration in the feminine and her power of resilience permeate the stories told by Celina Torrealba in her documentaries. 


Founded by the documentary filmmaker Celina Torrealba and producer Sergio Carpi, the company serves as an associate producer for international feature films, including "Wasp Network - Prisoners of the Cold War" (2019) by Olivier Assayas and "The Lighthouse" (2018) in co-production with A24.

Donna is currently in post-production for three new documentaries: "The Rainy Season,” "Vow of Hope," and "Life in Transition" in addition to the already released “The Breeding Shed” (2022) and "The Art of Diplomacy" (2023).

It is with a look at the feminine that we tell stories

There's no better symbol to represent Donna Features than the bromeliad. It has a special and personal meaning for Celina Torrealba, founder of this film producing company. But the bromeliad concept goes beyond personal meaning. This beautiful plant is a symbol of resilience, inspiration and it also represents the feminine. 

Inspiration, the feminine and resilience. Essential meanings that define Donna Features. permeates the stories told by Celina Torrealba in her documentaries.

Donna Features chosen logo is a bromeliad. A typical plant of the Americas, commonly found in tropical and subtropical landscapes.

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